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Cramp Relief Kit
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Cramp Relief Kit

This kit offers you all the essentials that you need for a pain free and comfortable period.

What's in the bundle?

Hot Pack

Day Pad - 1 Box

Night Pad - 1 Box

Day and Night Pads

TWC’s pads are made with certified organic cotton and are a great choice for women with sensitive skin. They are ultra soft, chemical free and come in individual biodegradable wrapping.

Each box contains 12 Pads:

Day Pads - 280 mm

Night Pads - 310 mm

Hot Pack

The hot pack is designed to ease period cramps and gives you relief during your periods.

Stand and Pee Sticks

The TWC Stand And Pee Sticks are your solution to finding an easy, hygienic way of using an unknown washroom without having to worry about UTIs. Proudly, made in India. 


Small enough to fit in your pocket or clutch.


Made from recyclable kraft paper, this product and packaging is 100% biodegradable.


High Quality cardboard and its ergonomic design ensures no spillage.

The Woman’s

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