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Kansa Wand

How to Use?

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As the world moves back to ancient health and wellness practices, we dig deep into our roots to present the Kansa Wand.


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Kansa Wand

The Kansa Wand is a tool made with a wooden base and its tip is made of copper, tin, and zinc. Copper is known to reduce the inflammation on the skin, tin is linked to reducing facial stress and zinc is known for immunity.

It's Alkaline in Nature
The Kansa Wand is alkaline in nature and so it reduces skin imbalance, revitalizes the skin, and reduces signs of the ageing process as naturally as possible!

Get Unbeatable Glow
In Ayurveda, massaging particular pressure points helps to increase circulation and drain out toxins from our lymphatic system. All that fresh circulation and oxygen gives us an unbeatable natural glow. We can even use the Kansa Wand on our hands, ears, or feet for general wellness through pressure point massage.

Easy to Use
The best part is that you can use any oil/cream or face balm based on your skin type or preference or even as recommended by an aromatherapist or dermatologist

Each TWC product comes with a unique set of offerings designed for you.

All Natural
Contains Copper, Zinc & Tin
Cruelty Free
Healing Properties

The Woman’s

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