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TWC's Complete Period Care Kit
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TWC's Complete Period Care Kit

Managing periods can be tough - on some days the flow can be extremely heavy while towards the start and the end, it can be light spotting. This period kit takes care of it all - tampons for moderate flow days, pads for heavy flow or to wear at night and panty liners to take care of that unpredictable spotting. 


What's in the bundle?

1 Box Tampons With Applicator (Pack of 16) + 1 Box 6+6 Day and Night Pads (Pack of 12) + 1 Box Panty Liners (Pack of 30)


Tampons With Applicator

The first in the country, this TWC tampon is unique because it comes with a one-time use cardboard applicator which is completely biodegradable. Try the TWC tampons priced to suit your budget yet delivering the most premium experience.

They are chemical free, ultra soft and biodegradable.


Day and Night Pads

TWC’s pads are made with certified organic cotton and are a great choice for women with sensitive skin. They are ultra soft, chemical free and come in individual biodegradable wrapping.

The box contains 6 Day Pads and 6 Night Pads.


Day Pads - 280 mm

Night Pads - 310 mm


Panty Liners

TWC's Panty Liners are made from certified organic cotton, that help you avoid that moisture which invites in bacteria and UTI’s and keep you feeling fresh. Also work as an extra layer of extra protection over a menstrual cup or tampon.

They are ultra soft and chemical free.

The Woman’s

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