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To create and provide the woman of today

with safe, intimate wellness and hygiene products; customised for and embracing the changing phases of their bodies; while being mindful of the depleting environment.
Our Story

It all began with a question

Do the current offerings in the market cater to every need of a woman's life cycle?

The answer was no. Every company sold standard products to women - whether they were a 12 year old girl or a 45 year old woman. 

So we began to think, where did we start?

And then, we decided to do this step by step - to start with intimate hygiene products. And that led us to an appalling discovery that most over-the-counter feminine hygiene products are loaded with chemicals that do more harm to women's bodies and environment; than providing us with the convenience that we are looking for. These single-use products do some serious damage to the environment because they are made from inorganic, non-biodegradable material which will be left in landfills for centuries to come.

There had to be a better way.

Fuelled by the passion and 20+ years of experience of our Founder -

Anika Parashar,
Recipient of the Pride of India Award 2017 - TedX speaker, Chairperson of ORGAN India 2017

Featured in India's 50 Women of Pure Wonder, Ex COO of Fortis La Femme and the mastermind behind Mamma Mia - A Mom’s World, set out to find alternatives, only to realize that the conversation that began to initiate is larger than just this.

In a country with 600 million women - each with our own unique stories, we realised the gaping void in the lack of conversation and sources of reliable information for women of all ages on general health and wellness – these conversations MUST go beyond our "time of the month" to discuss issues, concerns and questions that need to be addressed.

On International Women’s Day,

Founder & CEO, Anika Parashar and Co-founder & COO, Roopam Gupta came together to launch 

The Woman’s Company – By women,  For women. 

TWC is not just
an FMCG company
– it is a healthcare platform for women to openly engage, have access to resources and information that can add value to their lives. Each TWC product comes with a unique offering designed to make every woman’s life simpler and happier.

We’ll equip you with the right information. We will provide you with the best products. We trust that you are powerful enough to make your own wise and impactful choices.
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